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Public Notice
Nov 2018
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Dr. Dominic Obeng-Andoh

 The Public should take  note that Dr. Dominic Obeng-Andoh with registration number MDC/RN/04340 has since 2013 not held a valid registration with the Medical and Dental Council contrary to law. The said practitioner has during the period under reference had a number of disciplinary actions (including the suspension of his registration) directed against him by the Council some of which are before court.

The Public is reminded that Council established as part of its regulatory action that Dr. Dominic Obeng-Andoh’s facility -Obengfo Hospital situated at Weija, Accra- is operating unlawfully and on account of public health and safety concerns and with the assistance of the Police and in accordance with law, the Obengfo Hospital, located at Weija, Accra was closed down by Council on three (3) different occasions.

It has once again come to the attention of Council that Dr. Dominic Obeng-Andoh, without lawful authority, has reopened his facility to members of the public.

The Council wishes to notify the public, and NOTICE WHEREBY GIVEN, that Dr. Dominic Obeng-Andoh has no valid registration to practice medicine in Ghana and his facility has been closed down on account of public health and safety concerns.

The public is advised that you seek health care from Dr. Dominic Obeng-Andoh at your own risk.

Medical and Dental Council Ghana